Episode Eleven: A Certain Type

Low Orbit
Low Orbit
Episode Eleven: A Certain Type

Episode Eleven has these things:

  • A chat with poet Abigail Mott.
  • The song Tostada by Andre Cactus.
  • A look at Denver’s queer history with David Duffield.
  • The music of Podington Bear, The Lovely Moon, Coldnoise, Little Glass Men, and Kai Engel was used in David Duffield’s piece.

We also heard from Steel Pulse, Peter Tosh, The Upsetters, and Junior Murvin.

You can see the movie A Place of Truth by Barrett Rudich at Amazon Prime. You can follow Abigail at Instagram and Facebook .

And the resources mentioned in David’s story are: The GLBT History Project, the Colorado Anti-Violence Project, the GLBT Center of Colorado, and the Gender Identity Center of Colorado.

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